bee on a tablet
Wittybee's founders wanted a light-hearted name that "bounces nicely off your tongue." PHOTO: Nemichandra Hombannavar

An enterprise collaboration company whose name was inspired by bees has launched its task-centric collaboration platform after three years in development.

Wittybee founder and CEO Meet Kumar said the platform includes task management, communication, live work stories, team storage, instant search, professional networking and work analytics in a single "harmonious solution" without the need for third-party integration

Based in Ahmedabad, India, the company has only 27 employees — but big dreams of creating collaboration buzz.

Its logo is a bee, which Kumar described as "nature's best collaborator."

"Bees work together and create honey and wax," Kumar told CMSWire. 

"They're very efficient and productive. We wanted something light-hearted, something that takes away the seriousness, and a good name that bounces nicely off your tongue."

Enterprise Collaboration Growth

Enterprise collaboration is big business and getting bigger. MarketsandMarkets predicts the enterprise collaboration market will hit $26.7 billion this year and $49.5 billion by 2021.

Kumar said Wittybee differentiates itself by going beyond a channel- and teams-based chat application to take a task-first approach.

People collaborate on tasks, and through analytics and dashboards track task performance, he explained. It also includes file management and enables users to sync documents to the Wittybee platform.

Users can scroll through their work as news stories, participate in discussions or browse through a list with smart surfacing of content. Wittybee is available as a cloud based Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) offering as well as on-premises, off-premises and in private-cloud deployments.


"The trend in enterprise collaboration the last couple years has been to build a very basic chat app and integrate it with third-party applications," Kumar said. "It's channel-based or team-based and you must integrate with a task management tool, storage tool, ticketing tool. What happens in these kind of integrations is you're still using four to five different kinds of tools. You need to basically work around five tools with five different interfaces, and they simply don't work in harmony."

Wittybee's platform "blends all of these things you need into a single interface that is task-centric," Kumar said. It also complies with HIPAA, FINRA, SSAE16, FDA and EUDPD requirements.

So the Intern Hates Your Product ...

Meet Kumar
Wittybee CEO Meet Kumar

Kumar earned his Bachelor's in engineering at LD College of Engineering in Ahmedabad. He received his Master's in electrical and electronics engineering in 2001 from the University of Southern California and went on to become a partner in 2002 at Ascenten, which provides product engineering services and electronic product design.

Unable to find the right collaboration product, he started to work on the platform that eventually become Wittybee.

He got other engineers onboard and almost released the product in 2015 until an intern approached him and said, "I don't like to use the product."

"That," Kumar said, "was like stabbing me right in the heart."

But he took the feedback to heart. He and his team reworked the platform, throwing away about 40 percent of it and starting fresh.

"No matter how smart you think something is, it will take you a couple of times to redo it and make it better," Kumar said. "We've gone through that phase and that's why today we have the greatest confidence that Wittybee is a great product."