There’s a lot of noise across the Internet this week about the possible release of Office 2016 on Sept. 22. The information comes via a leak to a German-based online magazine called

Microsoft has already released a preview version of Office 2016. And at the time of that release, it hinted the full version could hit the market in September. 

So a leak like this just weeks before the official announcement isn't surprising. But man, it's stirred up a lot of speculation. claims the leak came from sources inside Microsoft, which is also no real surprise. Microsoft has what might almost be described as a “tradition” of media leaks in the run-up to full product releases.

According the message, which appeared in an internal email, Microsoft plans to release Office 2016 Sept. 22 with updates for numerous products, including Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, Outlook, Skype for Business and Project.

There will also be further updates later in the year, we're told.

Office 2016, based on earlier preview versions, is likely to come with a strong focus on the cloud as well as collaborative features like Real Time Typing and upgrades to the collaborative capabilities of Skype for Business.

Office Mobile apps for Windows 10 Mobile smartphones are also expected later this year.

Office iOS Integration

Microsoft has also announced deeper integration between Office documents and Outlook in iOS.

This means closer connections between Outlook and Word, Excel and PowerPoint for iPhone and iPad. And that covers the vast majority of documents produced by information workers.

According to Microsoft, tighter integration means Outlook for iOS now opens Office documents sent as attachments directly in their respective apps, replacing the simple viewers previously required. It has also made it easier to collaborate on files sent as attachments.

Microsoft also indicated it would extend this capability to Android devices in the next couple of months and update Outlook for iOS to connect to OneDrive for Business later this year.

OpenText Targets Legal Firms

OpenText just announced that its eDOCS document management system is partnering with Aderant CompuLaw to enable legal firms to link documents with calendar events.

Atlanta-based Aderant is a global provider of business management software for law and other professional services firms

Learning Opportunities

Users of either OpenText or Aderant solutions will be able to link documents relating to an event or access those documents directly from the calendar event itself. The result is a workflow solution that ensures documents are always linked with the relevant events and dates.

It should save time in discovering all the documents needed for a particular case or review, the company said.

SpringCM with SteelBrick

SpringCM, which provides document and contract management solutions for Salesforce, has teamed up with SteelBrick, a Configure Price Quote (CPQ) application builder, to provide users with a way to manage sales quotes, proposals and contracts generated in SteelBrick.

Configure Price Quote Software is a sales tool designed to help companies produce accurate and configured quotes making all of the complex product, pricing, and business rules centralized, automatic and available in real-time

By partnering with SpringCM, SteelBrick customers can now also access and use a document and contract management system that works directly with and from the interface.

SpringCM File It for SteelBrick is available this week for $19 per user per month.

Logikcull’s Archiving

Logikcull, a cloud-based solutions for discovery of information in litigation, announced instant archiving for data stored within Logikcull. 

With one click, users will be able to securely archive legal documents, with all chain of custody information preserved.

Logikcull is best known of its Discovery Automation solution, which it says eliminates the inefficiency normally associate with e-discovery. 

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