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HelloSign Offers Version 2.0 of HelloSign for Salesforce, More News

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San Francisco-based HelloSign release of an updated version of its e-signature app, HelloSign for Salesforce, on the Salesforce AppExchange.

Like all e-signature apps, this one is designed to make it easier for enterprises to complete entire business processes by enabling users sign off on documents electronically. The new version offers advanced analytics, the ability to decline to sign, the introduction of Text Tags, updated workflows and an improved audit trail. 

The audit trail has been moved out of notes and attachments to a set of HelloSign customer objects. This enables users to write triggers and use native Salesforce workflows at the same time.

The advanced analytics features provide insights into the sales cycle including views of where a document is at in the signing process.

Text Tags indicate where HelloSign signature fields should be placed within a document so templates generated from other systems integrated with Salesforce can be moved from Salesforce into HelloSign.

HelloSign's deep integration with Salesforce is a plus, and offers mobile workers a way of managing the entire sales process on the road.

Quicker Office For iPad, iPhone

Redmond, Wash.-based Microsoft is making it easier for iPhone and iPad users to access Microsoft Office upgrades.

Microsoft has just added both devices to its Office Insider program, which offers early access in exchange for detecting and reporting issues in early builds.

IPhone and iPad users subscribed to Office 365 can now request to participate in the program to receive early access to builds of Word, Excel, PowerPoint and OneNote.

Insider programs are usually available on two levels —  Slow and Fast. Fast offers access to the earliest preview versions so tends to have more bugs, while Slow offers access to fully supported builds of the apps.

Currently, only the Fast level of the program is available to iOS users and in limited numbers.

Learning Opportunities

Parascript Adds Machine Learning to Capture

Longmont, Colo.-based Parascript has released what it claims is the first commercially available data location, extraction and verification app.

According to a statement from the company, Parascript has upgraded its machine learning platform to support custom-developed recognition projects with much quicker turnaround than traditional rules-based approaches.

The result is significantly faster production with more reliable and refined results for Parascript clients.

Historically, processing any type of document — from invoices, receipts, checks, loan applications to medical claims—has been time consuming and prone-to-error.

The errors arise because the business rules surrounding document capture must be comprehensive to deal with all business cases. The rules can only be comprehensive when the document types and their variability are well understood.

The new app using machine learning enables the systems it integrates with to understand what documents should look like and enables error-free documents capture.

“This ensure that the output of their data extraction and entry operations is as accurate as possible. We’ve significantly reduced the chance of sending erroneous data downstream to other business processes and applications,” Mark Gallagher, VP of Sales at Parascript, noted in a statement.