Corporate Communications Conference London 2017


Learn how communications professionals can provide real business impact. At the  Corporate Communications Conference, representatives from 33 brands will take the stage, including BP, MetLife, BBC News, The Co-op, BMW, The Body Shop, Avon and NHS England. How can you deliver real results and demonstrable impact with innovative, attention-grabbing corporate comms strategies?

  1. Maximizing Social Media Engagement, Impact & Value: Seizing opportunities for harnessing social media to deliver powerful corporate communications with real impact
  2. Mitigating Crises: Be Proactive, Not Reactive! Establishing versatile, robust plans to manage and mitigate reputational risk in times of negativity and crisis
  3. Cutting-Edge Digital Innovations & New Technologies: Keep corporate communications fresh and up to date with the latest technologies, digital developments and future innovations
  4. Evaluate Impact, Demonstrate Results: Pinpointing the best measures for proving the value and ROI of your corporate communications strategy
  5. Optimize Internal Collaboration & Team Structures: Achieve a joined-up communications approach with the perfect team make-up and effective collaboration
  6. Reactions To Brexit & Uncertainty: How can communicators deal with the realities of challenging, unpredictable times?
  7. Maximize Your Reach & Stand Out: Taking advantage of insights into corporate communications channels and audience trends to ensure targeted, impactful messages
  8. Seamlessly Integrated Multi-Channel Campaigns: Integrating new and traditional channels for dynamic, engaging messages and campaigns
  9. Capture Journalists’ Attention & Engage The Media: How can you ensure your messages stand out, engage journalists and secure coverage?

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