Macy's Parade

As we in the US gather to give thanks and test the limits of our stomachs, take a moment to consider the IT department. Faced with increasingly complex jobs, under threat from "shadow IT" and security challenges, yet IT continues to innovate. So take a moment between the mashed potatoes and the pie to thank IT for all they do.

Giving Thanks for Asset Management

How often do employees notice when their IT infrastructure is running smoothly? Usually they only notice when something isn’t working — when a computer crashes, emails back up and voicemail goes on the fritz. What they don’t see is the work that goes into it on the backend to ensure the necessary applications to enable productivity, secure software licenses and keep the enterprise running smoothly overall. 

Behind every well-functioning IT department is an IT manager. So instead of floating by their office like a Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade balloon every day until something goes wrong, stop and give them thanks for all of their hard work.

A Big (Data) Feast 

Much like Thanksgiving dinner, most enterprises have a feast’s worth of data to collect and analyze these days — enough data to feed the whole company, get seconds and have leftovers for months. This data — with the help of analytics software — allows companies to gain actionable insights in order to improve products, enhance the customer experience, expand their channels and feed the marketing team the necessary demographics and information. 

It’s not just the turkey that makes a Thanksgiving meal, but the sum of all of the sides and dessert, too. The same principle can be applied to the role of big data.

Internet of Thanksgiving

The Internet of Things (IoT) took the buzzword crown from big data, but it doesn’t only refer to wearables and home appliances. Technologists are now integrating it into devices such as smart trashcans that summon garbage collectors when they’re full and street lights that only turn on when cars drive by, to improve efficiency and delivery of crucial goods and services. Adding automation and intelligence into formerly inanimate objects is no longer a wishbone, but an ever-close reality as IoT continues to evolve.

Creative Commons Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic License Title image by  smartdonnie25