Think the unthinkable. Your enterprise has consigned a significant part of its customer data into either Salesforce or Office 365. Imagine that information disappears.

That is not to suggest that Salesforce or Office 365 are unreliable, because their track record so far in securing and preserving data is impressive.

But accidents happen. So does malicious activity. And with data now most important currency in business transactions, loss of this kind could paralyze a business.

AvePoint Online Services

To deal with these kinds of situations, AvePoint just pushed its Azure-based AvePoint Online Services into general availability. It's a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) offering that comes with the new DocAve Backup for Salesforce service as well as enhancements to its Office 365 back-up and governance service for Office 365.

While many enterprise users are familiar with the Office 365 offering, the new Salesforce version should be a welcome addition to any business that wants to protect customer data and provide added peace of mind to clients. 

Struggling With Backup

DocAve Backup for Salesforce introduces comprehensive backup and restore capabilities for information stored in Salesforce CRM and reduces the risk of data loss from human error.

“Many organizations are struggling with finding effective backup for multiple cloud applications. AvePoint has met this need for Office 365 for a while now with DocAve Online. Expanding our backup solution to Salesforce allows more organizations to ensure the safety of their data across multiple cloud platforms," Terence Orpilla, Product Manager at AvePoint, told CMSWire.

Asked about the native security, back up and governance features that come with both platforms, Orpilla said they don’t go far enough for many enterprise with sensitive data.

Learning Opportunities

“Organizations that use SaaS platforms are often under the assumption that all of their high availability and disaster recovery concerns are addressed by their provider," he said. 

But most don’t offer ways to easily recover data lost through human error, which includes deletion (accidental or malicious), data being overwritten with incorrect information, data corruption, data migration issues and third-party application errors, he explained.

Additional Salesforce Security

AvePoint offers additional security by providing a fully cloud-hosted solution that allows for quick restore of a single contact to an entire CRM instance. With DocAve Backup for Salesforce, administrators can manage and protect their CRM environment with:

  • Single-click back up: With one click, back up content automatically or on demand – with all data stored securely in Microsoft Azure.
  • Flexibility: Quickly restore content at the organization, object, and record level. It also offers back-up from specified points in time
  • Encryption: All data stored benefits from Azure Encryption in conjunction with user account security

This is all strengthened with an administrator dashboard that provides records of all back-ups, time and job status as well as user activity.

These additional protections along with the native Salesforce security are designed to ensure that nothing gets lost.

All these improvements are available now to new and existing customers. Orpilla added that DocAve Backup for Salesforce offers full fidelity restores at the organization, object, and record level so that information can be restored to your desired state.