AvePoint has beefed up its portfolio with a product that aims to secure and protect sensitive data.

The new AvePoint File Analysis Services discovers, maps and classifies unstructured data, especially in file shares, to help organizations identify what data can be retained and what data needs to be archived.

File Share Problems

File shares are a miasma of unmonitored — and consequently, unsecured — data

In fact according to research by CTERA Networks in March, more than a third of companies have experienced data leaks because of public file sync and share (FSS) applications. Three out of four enterprises are now looking to replace those applications.

With File Analysis, AvePoint claims organizations can identify which files reside where and who has access to them and, more importantly where those files go when workers move them both inside and outside the firewalls.

According to John Hodges, Vice President of Global Account Product Management for AvePoint, said more enterprises are looking at their unmanaged points of collaboration in their enterprise, including the dark data repositories of file shares, portals, databases and  legacy SharePoint environments.

 “Many of these companies don't even know what they have, but suspect that most of this data represents either superfluous information, duplicate data or something that could land them on the 10 o'clock news. They aren't even up to implementing governance controls yet, so we are offering a short term service intended to give customers a complete picture of what they own, along with strategies on how to manage it going forward," he said.

File Analysis Services

There are several drivers for this solution, he said. For one, new data protection regulations are set to take effect in the European Union this year. They will requie everyone to assign data owners and controllers for all privacy data, including accountability for its accuracy. In addition, more companies are considering cloud archiving solutions like Microsoft Azure and Amazon S3, and want to have a better understanding of the data they may move.

The result is a solution that covers:

  • Discovery: identifies where information resides, who has access to it and how it is accessed
  • Tagging and Classification: Enables the building of data classification and taxonomy as well as resolving inconsistencies between user-created and automated metadata
  • Protection: Encrypt or redact sensitive information
  • Cleanup and Consolidation: Identify and eliminate duplicate copies of files, destroy old files and sensitive information

“We had these capabilities in our perpetual products, but that requires a longer commitment to the system you are managing. We are pairing temporary licenses with our expertise to generate the most complete picture possible – something very few customers have,” Hodges said.

The release of File Analysis follows other releases from AvePoint like Compliance Guardian, the online version of Guardian, and Risk Intelligence systems, which provides security to Office365 as well a means of identify and assessing risk in enterprise systems.