Docurated Launches New Salesforce Content Search

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Everyone is jumping on the Dreamforce bandwagon, including Docurated, which launched a new search application to help uncover content in Salesforce.

The announcement coincides with the opening day of the massive user conference in San Francisco.

Docurated claims the new product, Custom Object Search for Salesforce, is the only one on the market to help users find content in Custom Objects.

Enhanced Search

A relative newcomer in the marketing content space, New York City-based Docurated has been building out its platform since its launch in 2012. Since then, it has generated considerable interest and has already raised $5.4 million.

Earlier this year, it launched Content Cloud for Salesforce, which promises to provide salespeople with the Salesforce content they need to close the best deals. However, Content Cloud didn't search Salesforce customized objects, where many companies store key data.

Salesforce describes objects as database tables that contain data about things including customers, partners and competitors. 

Objects that are created for users by Salesforce and come with the platform are called standard objects. However, organizations can also create their own objects, which are known as custom objects.

Most Salesforce implementations use custom objects to record critical deal information such as case studies, deal parameters and competitive dynamics.

Custom Object Problems

But the data stored in custom objects can be hard to define — and therefore hard to find. What content is stored there? Who put it there? What does the content relate to?

Learning Opportunities

Docurated's new search automatically indexes the content of each custom object and maps the relationships between each custom object and related content.

Fergal Glynn, Docurated's VP of Marketing, said the new application uses simple Google-like natural language to search and retrieve the content in even the most heavily customized Salesforce environments.

As an example, a sales rep looking to close a deal can surface and re-use a case study or success story that would have previously been buried, he said.

“The new search is an addition to the standard Docurated platform and something a customer can turn on or not depending on needs. It makes customized objects another content store we are able to recognize and crawl,” Glynn told CMSWire.

Docurated wants to bridge the gap between sales and marketing.

In May, the company surveyed 1,2141 sales and marketing professionals. Among the findings: 90 percent of the content that marketing departments produce is never used by sales people.