Montreal-based Silanis Technology is building on its six-month old partnership with IBM by taking its electronic signature solution global.

It's making e-SignLive available in Australia, Japan, Germany, the United Kingdom, Singapore and Brazil. The move gives businesses in those countries the chance "to become fully digital," said Silanis CEO Tommy Petrogiannis.

E-signatures are the final things businesses think about in the quest to digitize, he told CMSWire.

“The only reason to default to paper is either to read something that's very complex or to approve something and sign it off," he said, adding the return-on-investment of digital processes falls when you have to go back to paper.

Strategic Partners

The e-SignLive product will be available through IBM's SoftLayer platform. SoftLayer acts as the foundation of the data center and cloud computing push IBM kicked off with a $1.2 billion investment 18 months ago.

The IBM-Silanis partnership will alleviate one of the biggest problems for e-signature vendors: a myriad of international regulations. There is no single global law, although some emerging legislation could simplify the issue in Europe, Petrogiannis said.

But "there also needs to be a technology solution and Silanis’ fits tightly within IBM’s global strategy," he continued.

He noted that e-SignLive can be installed on-premises or used as a Software-as-a-Service, with both versions offering the same levels of security. The e-signature solution also support many different types of authentication, which means that the platform is adaptable to the differing regulations between one country and another, Petrogiannis added.

IBM Cloud offers superior transparency and control — important features for those who to know exactly where their data resides in detail, right down to the serial number of the server.

Petrogiannis said Silanis is leveraging the strengths of IBM, a long-time partner in banking and insurance, to market solutions in a wider range of geographies.