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HP Enterprise: Minus 2 (or 3?) Top Dogs

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HP Enterprise hasn’t officially split from Hewlett Packard yet, but it's already lost two (or maybe three) top executives. The first to leave, ex-enterprise group chief Dave Donatelli, went to Oracle to lead its infrastructure business, which includes Oracle's servers, storage, networking and tape products and engineered systems.

The second to resign, Bill Veghte, EVP of HP's Enterprise Group, will apparently be walking out of the door later this summer to “pursue a new opportunity.”

Update: Veght stepped down in early July to become the CEO at SurveyMonkey. SurveyMonkey board chairman Zander Lurie had been serving as interim CEO since former CEO Dave Goldberg died in May.

This is especially interesting because Veghte is the strategist behind HP’s breakup into two companies —HP Inc. which will sell printers and PC’s and HP Enterprise which will offer data center products, including servers, storage, network gear and software, as well as its enterprises services division.

CMSWire readers might become more familiar with the latter, which will own Autonomy, Vertica and the HAVEn big data platform.

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'I'm in Charge'

It’s worth noting that current HP CEO Meg Whitman has said that she will lead HP Enterprise. With Veghte leaving, Antonio Neri, who has been serving as leader of the Enterprise Group, will become executive vice president and general manager according to a statement released by HP.

Though it’s not been officially announced yet, re/code is reporting that Art Gilliland, an HP senior VP and head of its security software business, has resigned as well.

Put it all together and what does it mean? Turmoil at HP Enterprise, even before it officially exists. But maybe better now than in November when HP Enterprise is in the spotlight as a new Fortune 50 company.

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