Storage and information management services provider Iron Mountain and enterprise content management (ECM) vendor Hyland Software have partnered to automate workflow functions to ease the day to day workloads of back-office employees. 

Through the partnership, Boston-based Iron Mountain will offer its customers Iron Mountain Workflow Automation powered by Hyland, to automate processes in accounts payable, contracts management, human resources and more.  

Iron Mountain and Hyland: Automating Digital Processes

The arguments in favor of process automation are clear: cost reduction, efficiency, speed and reducing the impact of human error. 

A statement from the companies stressed the more specific values the four workflows would provide from the outset:

  • Accounts Payable: Streamlining the process of paying accounts to keep human intervention to a minimum and cut the costs of transactions
  • Accounts Receivable: Automates the process of closing the financial month and provides deeper visibility into who and what enterprises are kept up to date
  • Human Resources: Automation of routine tasks in managing personnel
  • Contracts Management: Faster management of contracts and ensuring tighter compliance procedures

While these processes may not receive a lot of attention in broader discussions about digital transformation, they are exactly the kinds of things digital transformation strategies are designed to tackle.

“We know that paper in information management is running its course, and we are evolving to give our customers the solutions that they need to meet the challenges they face as they work in a world of mixed paper and digital information and as they transform to a post paper workplace,” Ray Aschenbach, SVP and general manager of Iron Mountain told CMSWire.

“We are uniquely experienced in integrating paper and digital information, enabling our customers to effectively govern, utilize and gain maximum value from their information. Hyland is recognized for its best-in-class Enterprise Content Management technology. We share similar goals and values. This collaboration makes a lot of sense to both organizations.”

A Meeting of Digital Minds

Founded in 1991 and headquartered in Westlake, Ohio, Hyland is the developer of the OnBase enterprise content management (ECM) and process management software suite.

In March 2014, it rebranded as OnBase by Hyland and in 2015 it added enterprise file sync and sharing capabilities in the release of a new platform, ShareBase. Its focus has been on digitizing the workplace, which makes it an ideal fit for Iron Mountain.

Iron Mountain was founded in 1951 and now boasts 1400 offices located worldwide. Its portfolio includes records management, data management, document management, data centers and secure shredding among other services.

The partnership brings together Hyland's focus on digitizing the workplace with Iron Mountain's work freeing organizations from their dependence on paper documents and records.

Learning Opportunities

Addressing Digitization Needs

The seeds of the partnership were planted some six years ago when Hyland worked with Recall, an information management and storage services company which Iron Mountain bought in 2016.

“We are now further developing and scaling the relationship to bring Iron Mountain customers solutions that meet their information management challenges, including OnBase by Hyland, other Hyland technology and complementary Iron Mountain services such as secure storage, shredding, conversion and classification,” Aschenbach said.

According to Aschenbach, their combined customer base has a broad variety of unique information management goals, objectives and challenges, which they use an array of processes, both outsourced and in-house, to solve.

Iron Mountain has wide-ranging experience in helping customers address digitization needs. Aschenbach claims it creates more than 1.2 billion digital images a year for customers, primarily from paper and microforms.

With this partnership customers have the option to digitize in-house with the cloud-based deployment of OnBase by Hyland.

"The pace of business has companies looking to make back-office functions run more efficiently. At the same time, organizations are operating in a mixed paper and digital world,” Aschenbach explained.

“This solution helps integrate the physical and digital, enabling companies to increase efficiencies across functions to do things like accelerate accounts receivable, streamline accounts payable and minimize the risks of contract noncompliance.”

The companies have other joint projects in the works. Iron Mountain is exploring other potential integrations with Hyland, including automating industry-specific processes as well as integration with Hyland’s EFSS solution ShareBase and AirBase, a cloud-based application that offers simple document management for small businesses.