In the absence of industry standards, companies are coming up with their own platforms to connect devices to the Internet of Things (IoT).

Just recently, Avanquest’s IoT division myDevices released a device agnostic Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) to connect sensors, appliances, wearables, smartphones, PCs, home products and more.

According to myDevices CEO Kevin Bromber, the front end is designed to interface with the end user, while the back end captures and translates critical business data. The platform can also generate data visualization and real time usage insights, he said.

It also comes with professional services that structure solutions to suit the specific needs of companies that manufacture, support or sell connected devices. That means myDevices can provide insight and advice to organizations that are looking to exploit the possibilities of the IoT, he said.

“We started developing this three years ago. The objective was to build something that could connect to any kind of device, whether that device is connected directly to the web or through a gateway,” Bromber said.

Once connected, users can collect and analyze data, as well as set up threshold alerts and rules engines. Because it is technology-agnostic it can serve numerous industries — from manufacturing to retailers and healthcare providers.

Backed By Global Reach

The myDevices platform exists under the Avantquest umbrella.

Avanquest is a French-based multinational, publicly traded corporation headquartered in Paris. It designs, develops, publishes and distributes software applications for Windows and Macintosh OS X operating systems and for iOS and Android mobile devices.

According to Bromber, it has let myDevices work on its own to develop the platform in response to market needs. The result is an agile, software development company backed by a global corporation.

Using Avanquest connections, myDevices determined what businesses needed to get their IoT operations up and running. Enterprises indicated they wanted to connect various devices, but "also wanted to know how to get from point A to point Z so we started to offer services as well as solutions," Bromber added.

To address security concerns, the platform secures the devices, the gateways and the cloud that links them, as well as third party connections.