Microsoft is advancing its collaboration strategy through the integration of Skype with OneDrive cloud storage service. 

In a blog post yesterday, the company announced that you can now log in to Skype directly at "This will make it easier for you to stay connected by sending an instant message or having a video call while sharing a new photo album that you just created or while working together on a document," Omar Shahine
group program manager for OneDrive, explained in the post.

Microsoft also announced that Skype integration on is now available to all users. Both moves reflect its strategy of more tightly integrating Skype with Office 365.

Wins and Losses

The integration applies to both business and consumer grade accounts on Skype and OneDrive. 

“This creates a natural, collaborative experience where you can co-edit a document right alongside a chat so that the chat is in context of the topic being discussed. Best of all, this chat history stays connected to the document the next time you open it to help you pick right up where you left off," Shahine noted.

Learning Opportunities

However, this morning Microsoft announced that it will no longer be supporting the Skype for TV application. As of June, there will be no further updates.

Microsoft noted that the way users are accessing Skype is changing, with the vast majority accessing it through mobile devices. For this reason, it noted, it has decided to focus its efforts in other areas.”