Dropbox launched a new app today that’s optimized for Windows 10. 

As a universal app, Dropbox will now work across Windows tablets, desktops and hybrids like the Surface Book and Surface Pro line with touch-friendly tools and deeper hooks into how Windows works.

Collaboration Tools

Dropbox detailed a number of new features that bring Dropbox in line with many of the latest tricks Microsoft introduced in Windows 10. The new app includes:

  • The ability to drag and drop files from the Windows File Explorer, even among folders in the same app
  • Use a Quick Search to find find what you need more quickly instead of relying on the Windows search tool 
  • The ability to set up interactive notifications for accepting shared folder invitations without the need to launch the Dropbox app 
  • Use Windows Hello to use your fingerprint, face or iris to unlock the Dropbox app 
  • Comment in files and notify others with an @ mention 
  • Access recent files with a Jump List by right-clicking the Dropbox app icon on the Windows taskbar
Dropbox drag-and-drop

Deeper Ties with Microsoft

The update is the latest move in what’s become a close relationship between Dropbox and Microsoft. Even though Redmond, Wash.-based Microsoft operates its own cloud service, OneDrive, the company recognizes the mutual benefit to be found through collaboration with Dropbox.

Learning Opportunities

Also, Dropbox has a heavy presence with many enterprise companies, primarily for collaboration and sharing with of Office files. By working with Microsoft, Dropbox can ensure that its customers will be happy with how well its cloud service plays with Windows and Office. And Microsoft gets another outlet to promote all the productivity features found in Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and its other applications.

Dropbox says you’ll be able to grab the new app from the Windows Store. The new features are also set to roll out later to phones running Windows 10.