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We continue What’s in a Name with Skimlinks, Peanut Butter and Sumo Logic.

Peanut Butter

Founded: 2015

Headquarters: Chicago

Number of employees: 13

Specializes in: Helping employers attract and retain talent by administering company contributions toward employee student loans.

CEO: David Aronson

headshot of David Aronson

Was this the original name? Yes. Remember when you were in college and all you could afford to eat was a Peanut Butter sandwich? That’s it. We also think that student loan repayment is such a unique benefit that it will entice employees to “stick” around.

Who named the company? My wife, Jen Ryley. We registered peanutbutter.me, but later changed the main company domain to getpeanutbutter.com. We’re pretty happy here, but perhaps one day we’ll be able to convince Hormel and Skippy to sell us peanutbutter.com.

How and why did the company take on this name? First because it’s fun and makes people smile. Our mission is to make employers heroes for paying down their employees' student loans. For companies that provide a great workplace (the bread), and employees that make it sweet (the jelly), we help everything stick together (the peanut butter).

What tech company names do you envy? Google. Pretty cool when your name becomes a verb in common vernacular. We also get a kick out of the extra “o”s they put in the name to show you have lots of search results.


Founded: 2007

Headquarters: London

Number of employees: 85

Specializes in: Making it easy for publishers and advertisers to measure and monetize commerce-related content.

CEO: Alicia Navarro

skimlinks ceo alicia navarro in front of sign with #skimlove hashtag

Was this the original name? Skimlinks has its roots in Skimbit, a social shopping site. Co-founders Alicia Navarro and Joe Stepniewski pivoted the company in 2007 when they realized it was the monetization technique they'd invented for their own use that customers and investors were most excited by.

Who named the company? Navarro

How and why did the company take on this name? The original company name, Skimbit, was named this because it skimmed the best bits of the sites you liked to create collections of products you were considering buying. So each option was a “skimbit.” When we pivoted to become a monetization technology, we codenamed it “Skimlinks” and it ended up sticking.

We've embraced it because it is still relevant for what we do now: Skimlinks rewards publishers for any e-commerce they drive by automatically turning product links and references in their content into trackable affiliate links. Skimlinks skims content on a page and whenever a user clicks on a product 'link' we can affiliate across our network of 20,000+ merchants, we make sure the publisher earns a commission on the sale automatically.

What tech company names do you envy? Evernote. Percolate. Moo. Memorable and fun to say.

Sumo Logic

Founded: 2010

Headquarters: Redwood City, Calif.

Number of employees: More than 300

Specializes in: Sumo Logic’s secure, cloud-native, data analytics service turns machine data into real-time continuous intelligence, providing customers with full-stack visibility, analytics and insights to build, run and secure their modern applications and cloud infrastructures.

CEO: Ramin Sayar

Has this been the company name since it was founded? Yes.

dog sitting on couch

Who named the company? Sumo Logic is named after our CTO and co-founder Christian Beedgen’s dog, a rescue dog he was fostering but couldn’t manage to give back.

How and why did the company take on this name? When you think of sumos, they’re not just big, but they’re extremely nimble. Our co-founders thought Sumo Logic fit well together given the word associations with sumos and given the fact that machine data is the original big data.