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  • Digital Disruptions Unglamourous Side Digital Governance

    Digital Disruption's Unglamourous Side: Digital Governance

    Most global enterprises look to digital transformation as the only way to remain competitive. They also view it as an opportunity to increase multi-channel customer engagement while reducing IT infrastructure costs. But some enterprises are slow to adapt to today’s technological evolution.

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  • Quantifying the Value of Your Data

    Whether it’s the amount of risk in a particular decision or the reason for a problem that impacts the bottom line, the unknown is a scary concept. As businesses continue to generate vast amounts of data, the business value of this information is palpable.

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  • The Link Between E-Discovery and Information Governance

    The difference between e-discovery and information governance is the difference between reactive and proactive. When documents shifted to digital format, companies needed a solution to help find and identify the electronically stored information necessary for legal procedures. Enter e-discovery.

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  • Getting Started with Information Governance

    Consider for a moment the amount of data that businesses generate on a daily basis. Add in the increased connections through mobile devices, cloud computing and social media. This leads to a multitude of concerns, including costs, risks and security, as data is stored in disparate locations.

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