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  • Ebyline Gives Power to Freelancers and Publishers

    It’s hard out there for a freelancer. But that’s what you get for wearing your pajamas to work, right? Yesterday, we would have said yes. Today, we say show me the Ebyline. Giving Freelancers an Ebyline Ebyline, which launched this week, aims to give freelance writers a safe place

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  • Web Publishing Roll-Up: Good Things Come Online

    Chances are if you didn't know anything about Web publishing a few months ago, you do now. News about the industry is hard to escape, and its growing popularity will continue as long as the economy spirals downward.

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  • Be a Journalist or Just Write Like One

    Just as design, user interface, information architecture and content management are imperative ingredients in a successful Web site, captivating, well-written content is just as essential. Whether you are writing daily news or press releases, writing for the Web is different from writing for print materials.

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  • Newspapers and Blogs: Happily Ever After?

    Oh good. Newspapers and blogs are finally getting along. Or so says the LA Times. Sure, newspapers still talk behind blogs' back, dismissing their whiny opinions and misinformation, but they know that they can drive in the revenue as well as anyone, so they're willing to post and plug them. There

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  • New Media Journalists: The Full Disclosure Cops Are Coming for You

    No longer can blogging be considered "underground journalism," subject only to the rules of the streets (like James Dean in Rebel without a Cause). As blogs incorporate into the landscape of professional media, so too will the policy of full disclosure be expected of bloggers. Bloggers: your time has come!Nobody's suggesting

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