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  • News Bites Launches and Platforms Releases and Integrations

    News Bites: Launches and Platforms, Releases and Integrations

    The latest in accessing, managing, joining, designing, rewarding, capturing, attributing, digitizing and widgeting from the City of Love and the Old Line State, La-La Land, Puritan City, the Fourth City, Shaky Town, the Five Boroughs and the dirtiest little town west of the Mississippi, the 'Loo and Watch City.

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  • Have You Soured on Mobile CRM salesvelocity2014

    Have You Soured on Mobile CRM? #salesvelocity2014

    Want to make more sales, see more sales activity across your enterprise or close more deals? Want to do it quickly and want to do it on the road? Selligy, a mobile customer relationship management (CRM) vendor, claims it is making it easier than ever by adding advanced revenue and

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