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  • Google Offers Developer Tools for Websites

    Everybody knows Google as a search engine. Everyone in this industry knows Google also does lots of other interesting things, from Google Earth to Gmail. What is less known is the wealth of resources and tools that Google provides for website development.

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  • LogicalDOC 6.0 Benefits From Redesigned Interface, Microsoft Office Integration

    Open source document management vendor, Logical Objects (news, site ), has announced an upgrade to both the community and commercial addition of its LogicalDOC software, which comes with a completely redesigned interface and a new Drop Spot feature for pulling content into the system.

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  • Microsoft Demonstrates Data Interoperability in the Cloud

    Although many might question the true nature of the newly announced CodePlex Foundation, they can't deny that Microsoft is coming out with solutions that demonstrate their ability to interoperate with open source technologies. We told you about their new PHP Toolkit that helps PHP developers access ADO.NET Data Services.

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  • IIS Gets an SEO Toolkit, Free on the Microsoft Web Platform

    Search Engine Optimization is a key element of any website design these days. Now you can hire an agency to help you improve your website's SEO or, you can do it yourself with a new toolkit for IIS: The IIS SEO Toolkit. Tools For SEO Friendly Websites The IIS SEO Toolkit is free

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  • MOSS Gets a WSRP Toolkit

    More news on the interoperability front - at least for Microsoft Office SharePoint 2007. Microsoft has finally listened to its customers and released a WSRP (Web Services for Remote Portlets) Toolkit designed to help them pull MOSS content into other portals. You have always been able to consume web services

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  • Sun Jumps for Open AJAX

    Sun has announced its support of the AJAX application model by joining the OpenAJAX Alliance, as well as the Dojo Foundation. Sun plans to actively participate in these two communities, driving open standards for AJAX programming and increase interoperability across AJAX technologies.As part of the OpenAJAX Alliance, Sun will collaborate

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