Amit Kothari


Mountain View, Calif.


Digital Experience, Customer Experience


Amit is the CEO of Tallyfy — a cloud app that routes work automatically between people. Prior to Tallyfy, Amit spent a decade in London optimizing business processes at small and large companies in various sectors. The common set of problems he saw was an over-reliance on email and spreadsheets to track questions at work like “have you done it yet?”, “when do I do my part?” and “Who owns this?"

People are drowning at work trying to track approvals, handoffs and tasks via email and spreadsheets. It’s estimated that 40 percent of work time is wasted on such activities. Tallyfy makes everyone happier by tracking personal, team and process tasks — including forms. We’re working on a deep integration to Office 365 (Outlook) and Google Mail, so that you can make best of Tallyfy without leaving a tool that you’re already familiar with.

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