Anna Luo

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San Francisco
Customer Experience, Digital Marketing

Anna Luo is SVP of customer innovation & marketing at Jivox, an AI-powered personalization SaaS company. Recognized by Forrester as a leader in the Creative Advertising Technology category, Jivox powers marketing cloud and global brands’ personalized digital marketing with big data integration, AI/machine learning, and dynamic canvas technology.

As the head of customer innovation & marketing, Anna works with global brands to analyze marketing campaign performance, telling their stories with data, metrics, and business impact. Using these innovations in digital marketing, she educates the industry on the need for a more efficient approach to engaging and converting consumers, using:

  • Personalization (creating relevant experiences to consumers).
  • Omni-channel (creating consistent experiences to consumers).

In this capacity, she also leads the charge in strategizing and building a technology stack to support all the growth marketing initiatives.