Most business owners now understand analytics is an essential tool that can highlight efficiency and opportunities for innovation. This shift in thinking has lead to opportunities for innovating analytics measurement itself.

One of the latest innovations comes from Evergage, a cloud-based platform that supports digital personalization campaigns. The company just released a solution that enhances Google Analytics real time reports to provide a more comprehensive view of visitor behavior. 

It does this via the Visual Editor, a user interface overlay that allows analysts to highlight the website and app elements that users click and enter custom fields. The Visual Editor is available as a Chrome browser extension. The results from the tagged elements appear among the dimensions in the Google Analytics reports.

Taking a Look

I had the opportunity to discuss a few of the features with two Evergage executives, Scott Glajch, director of engineering, and TJ Prebil, product marketing manager.  

Evergage Visual Editor.jpeg

While we did not do a full demonstration of the Visual Editor, Glajch and Prebil highlighted the benefits of the integration. They also provided a few screen shots to demonstrate the tagged dimensions that marketers should expect if they opt to use Evergage.

Evergage campaigns are displayed in a manner similar to the way tagged referral sources are displayed.

(The Visual Editor can be seen at the Google Chrome extension site, with more information available at the Evergage site.)


Growing Marketplace

Evergage enters a growing marketplace of cloud-based and periphery software offering features and implementation tactics that address various user skillsets and a plethora of operational scale needs.

The solutions run the gamut from business intelligence dashboards such as Tableau to plugins aimed at developers such as the plugins for Universal Analytics. Many solutions extract report data into a spreadsheet dashboard or a separate user interface.

Evergage differs with its seamless output merged into the real time reporting. The output simplifies the analysis process for marketers already accustomed to Google Analytics as their primary analytics tool.  Meanwhile the Visual Editor features offer the same technical benefits of a tag management solution: they permit analysts to make adjustments without the need for developer-level implementation knowledge.

Get Personal

Personalization allows B2B and B2C businesses alike to improve interaction with their customers. It is a trend that is not abating any time soon.  

Personalization, along with localization marketing tactics, is driving consumer mobile behavior. Data in a February 2014 eMarketer post noted the increase engagement and sales that results from personalization efforts.

But decision makers in the post also noted the challenges that come with personalization, namely higher media cost and the difficulty of measuring campaigns. Evergage co-founder and CEO Karl Wirth appreciates the value of personalization measurement.

“Real time personalization is the future of digital marketing – but it’s key that marketers are able to measure and analyze the impact of their campaigns and the engagement levels for different segments,” Wirth stated in an announcement for the Google Analytics integration launch.

Evergage will certainly not be the last of the auxiliary analytics solutions to be introduced. But the company is off to a good start. The solution has attracted over 120 enterprises such as Travelzoo, Publishers Clearing House, Wayfair and Rue La La.

Analysts and decision makers alike should maintain an awareness of tools like Evergage to streamline their analytic capabilities while developing personalization campaigns that deepen their understanding of their customers.