WebTrends Ad Director
In an effort to save advertisers, who are predicted to "waste" an estimated 4.5 billion dollars US on paid search advertising in 2008, WebTrends has released WebTrends Ad Director. In fact it was Ad Director who helped predict the very estimation it is poised to prevent. WebTrends Ad Director, which was formally debuted at the Search Engine Strategies (SES) conference in San Jose, last week utilizes "self-learning" technology to optimize millions of combinations of keywords, landing pages and ads across the major search networks to achieve maximum results. By self-learning they mean that the SEM updates and improves results overtime as it learns from the "winning" combinations of keywords and ad placements that it uncovers. WebTrends boasts that companies using the solution have seen their return on ad spend increase an average of 44 percent, which WebTrends CEO Alex Yoder says is testament to "the optimal balance between what machines can do best -- repetitive analysis, testing and updates on a massive scale -- and the insight and perspective humans bring to search marketing decisions.” By maximizing conversion volume and revenue beyond the limitations of existing methods, Ad Director automatically manages, optimizes and profitably expands a company's entire paid search advertising investment in real time across the major search networks in an effort to achieve critical business and marketing objectives. Ad Director incorporates a plethora of tools into a single SEM solution. Among them, self-learning optimization -- a big picture approach that factors in distinct opportunities on different search networks and sub-networks, as well as fluctuations in the marketplace and mechanisms that allow marketers full control over system optimization. WebTrends Ad Director is available for a personal demo. Learn more about pricing and specifications at webtrends.com