Atex OneView 1.4 Advertising System Released for Media Companies

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Traditional media companies are attempting to transform themselves into digital media companies, but for those who still publish newspapers and print magazines, Atex has updated its OneView advertising system for ads online and on paper.

Ad Lifecycle Control

Publishers often need to have ad serving, targeting and ad inventory management for all their digital, mobile, broadcast, radio and print ads in one place, just the kind of customer Atex is looking for. Atex AdBase is in use at nearly 200 media companies around the world, the company touts, and the OneView is the interface framework portion of that system.

Version 1.4 includes updates on managing advanced booking and scheduling of ads, and financial features that support installment billing and multiple currencies, for example.

Learning Opportunities


Atex has added more tools in its Web based interfact so account managers can process ads from any browser enabled device.

Atex Enreach + Engage

Atex has been steadily marching out products in 2013, and the OneView update is simply the latest. In March, Atex released its Engage social media tool for adding quizzes, contests, polls and surveys to online ads.

In April, Atex partnered up with Enreach, an audience intelligence technology, to provide its customers with the tools to analyze customer behavior and optimize campaigns.

Atex is a UK based company that has been around since the early seventies. It reported US $107 million in revenue in 2011, and employs over 500 people in offices around the world. Its customers include newspapers like the Columbus Dispatch, and the Norrkopings Tidningar, a Sweden based media company in the city of Norrkoping.

The company is best known for its Web CMS Polopoly that it bought in 2008, and it also offers asset management and managed services for editorial and digital production processes.