A Slimmer SDL Takes on the CXM Gorillas

A Slimmer SDL Takes on the CXM Gorillas

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Sometimes less is more, as SDL claimed yesterday when it chopped its customerexperience (CX) suite down to four parts from seven while boasting it now has theonly global-ready CX suite.

SDL's Customer Experience Cloud V2.0 consists of Digital Experience,Knowledge Center, Customer Analytics and Language.

The strategy, which was firstreported by CMSWire in mid-November, plays off SDL's products in language todistinguish the US- and UK-based firm from bigger competitors on both sides ofthe Atlantic.

The MarTech Jungle

"How are we going to come out in this very crowded marketplace with amessage that sets us apart from Adobe, the 800-pound gorilla?," CMO PaigeO'Neill asked rhetorically in the interview two months ago. "We've got alot of competitors -- Sitecore on the web site, even Oracle and Salesforce insome areas."

CEO Mark Lancaster emphasized the language element in a statement, noting, "Our technology combines a rich expertise in language with a common datalayer and the first context engine to simplify and unify the channels brandsneed to outperform competitors worldwide." 

The new four-part product is designed to stand apart from the growing clouds atthe jumbo vendors. For SDL sales staff, it will be easier to explain. Forcustomers, there's less to understand. And some products could be used acrossdifferent departments within the same organization.

SDL blended three other products into the four remaining parts. DigitalPlatform, for example, includes web, campaigns and e-commerce tools. AndCustomer Analytics now includes both analytics and social media tools.

Knowledge Center, it said, creates "consistent brand journeys frommarketing to a self-service post-sales experience." It said NetApp, LifeTechnologies and OSIsoft are already using the capabilities.

Learning Opportunities

SDL's announcement quoted Kristen Kaefer, NetApp's senior director of digitalmarketing, as saying, "In a matter of seven weeks, we were able to do aglobal site resdesign that normally takes over nine months to complete."Keafer said the tools saved her company hundreds of development hours.

SDL's shares closed up 2 percent to 440.00p on the London Stock Exchangetoday after the news was released yesterday.

What's Next?

Back in November, O'Neill indicated SDL will increase it public relations budget in 2015, focusing on top-tier media outlets. She also said there will bea major push in advertising to build  the brand name.

In 2014, Gartner dropped SDL from the leaders square of its magic quadrantfor web content management, demoting it to a challenger. Challengers, itsaid,  "execute well today or may dominate a large segment, but do notdemonstrate an understanding of market direction."

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