For the past two weeks we’ve taken a closer look at the different ways life inside the Federal government is changing, thanks to more investments in social collaboration and usability. This week, we examine the next frontier of the Federal web -- mobility.

The Rise of Mobile 

When it comes to managing digital media, the biggest challenges organization face is streamlining the content workflow for appropriate delivery across publishing channels. As smartphone and tablet devices outnumber humans, the mobile interface has positioned itself prominently within the digital space. It’s hard to ignore anymore, not only because mobile devices have become so integrated into how we work, socialize and access information, but also because the devices have become much more sophisticated and amenable to displaying media.

Step into the Limelight

As mobile becomes a priority for those within and outside the enterprise, companies like Limelight have found that their products and solutions appeal to those within the Federal government. Recently, we sat down with Jeff Freund, general manager and vice president, Web Content Management, at Limelight Networks to discuss what Limelight is doing in the mobile space and the strides being made within the Federal government as a result.

Limelight has a number of products and platforms that readily brings together web and video content management, mobile publishing and delivery, and website acceleration. In Particular Limelight’s Dynamic Site Platform for Mobile allows publishers to create and manage their mobile web presence. Of course, we don’t usually consider the Federal government to be a publisher in the traditional sense (if that even exists anymore), but like many organizations, it does have quite a bit of content and digital media it needs to push out to constituents, colleagues and partners. With the Dynamic Site Platform for Mobile, web designers can create mobile sites that leverage the content and features already built into corporate sites, eliminating the need for a separate mobile content management system while increasing the speed at which information can be made available.

With an impressive list of government agencies among their customers, from NASA, U.S. Department of State, and FEMA to the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and the Smithsonian, it’s quite clear that Limelight’s solutions can be used to deliver a variety of content to a varied group of constituents.

A Mobile Government Platform

So how exactly are these types of agencies using Limelight to leverage their content across mobile? According to Freund, they all come to the table with the same set of questions and challenges.

  • How do I create a holistic experience across my web, mobile and social channels
  • How do I get the most value out of my digital content assets? 
  • How do I make my web and mobile sites a tool of influence? 
  • How do I improve the end user experience yet maintain my internal efficiencies?

At the Smithsonian, content managers searched for a way to manage three media-rich mobile sites to manage --,, and -- while keeping costs down even while catering to multiple platforms, including a mobile service that would simplify the publishing workflow and allow content to be fed from a single repository for both fixed broadband and mobile browsers.

By implementing Limelight Dynamic Site Platform for Mobile, Smithsonian magazine was able to incorporate template layouts and user agent redirects to customize its mobile
 sites for a variety of devices. As a result, when a user accesses one of the organization’s sites, the Limelight platform detects where the request is coming from and delivers the appropriate layout in response. Additionally, there are tailored versions available for iPhone, Android and Blackberry smartphone users, while visitors using iPads get a different layout leveraging the tablet’s larger screen and rich-media capabilities.


Not only did this type of solution help the Smithsonian web team stream content from a single source to every browser type, it also improved traffic. As a result of switching to the Limelight Dynamic Site Platform for Mobile, Smithsonian says that mobile page views have increased from 7% of total traffic to 20%. 

A Successful Mobile Experience

Regardless if you’re a Federal agency or not, managing your content across mobile is becoming a new priority and you need to be prepared. However, being able to deliver content when and where your users need it, isn’t easy, but it is essential if you’re committed to deliver a successful customer experience.