Adobe SearchCenter+ Tacks on Keyword Predictive Analytics

2 minute read
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Adobe has partnered with OptiMine in order to add keyword performance predictive analytics to the Adobe SearchCenter+ search marketing management system.  

Powered by Omniture, Adobe SearchCenter+,  is a fairly powerful search marketing management solution. Search marketers can utilize integrated paid and organic search engine data that is aligned with revenue, and take advantage of the ability to automate critical management tasks.

Meawhile, OptiMine's bid optimization software predicts the performance of each paid search ad placement, and automatically sets optimal bids:

Available to Adobe customers immediately, OptiMine predictive keyword analytics now plugs Adobe's SearchCenter+ keyword performance data from paid campaigns into its algorithm. Doing so more accurately predicts keyword performance.

Learning Opportunities

Because this utilizes the power of the automatic generation of keyword bids, Adobe says search marketers can expect a bevy of goodness: higher return on ad spend, increased leads, higher conversion rates, and greater profit per keyword. SearchCenter+ also gives users the ability to pause and restart keywords based on inventory availability.

Being able to predict the return on paid search is critical for obvious reasons, including budget allocation. 

"We are delighted to partner with Adobe SearchCenter+ and believe the relationship validates the significant customer returns generated through our unique ability to automatically model every keyword," said an optimistic Jim Moar, chief executive officer, OptiMine. "The integration of our automated bid optimization coupled with SearchCenter+'s robust data will enable Adobe's Online Marketing Suite customers to be even more successful."