In the most recent version of its Digital Publishing Suite, Adobe has added previewing and embedding capabilities as well as updating older features, such as iPhone support and analytics.

Improving the Customer Experience

As a tool designed to optimize content and publications for tablet and mobile devices, the Digital Publishing Suite (DPS) is always trying to find new ways to improve the customer experience and company revenue.

Version 26 of the suite is designed to add to this by turning the reading experience into a tool that helps promote a purchasing decision by allowing readers to read articles on a website, have a better mobile reading experience and have access to free sample articles from a publication.

Embed Publications Within Websites

Before this update, the DPS already had a social sharing capability that allowed users to share articles on Facebook or Twitter, but Adobe wanted to improve how much traffic an article can get and expand a publication’s audience by giving users the ability embed publications directly into their websites.

In doing this, users will be able to improve the mobile and overall reading experience by promoting mobile content via their website. More specifically they can improve content revenue by listing some articles as free, having paywalls or creating web-only material.

iOS Updates

In addition to this embed feature for websites, Adobe also upgraded its mobile support and functionality. First, with the iPhone 5 and the iPad.

During the release of version 25 of the DPS, Adobe introduced a “First Folio Free” feature which enabled first time users to try out a publication before deciding to subscribe. In a similar fashion readers will be able to preview an article on the iPad, which allows publishers to promote key content that will entice readers to buy their publication or similar articles.

As for the iPhone 5, there will be more “real estate for publishers,” which means that they will have extra space that makes navigation easier and users can view videos without having to worry about letterboxing. Although, content that was built for the iPhone 4 will still be letterboxed.


PDF for Android

The iPhone and iPad aren't the only the mobile devices to receive updates. To lower authoring costs, have smaller folio sizes and improve the reader experience for Android users, Adobe has added a PDF viewing feature.

A Numbers Game

Adobe has also added to what analytics data the suite's users can track, which includes:

  • Web Viewer Analytics: Users will now be able to see how may readers are viewing content on the web, what content is most popular and how often there is an overlay.
  • Track Preview: With the new iPad previewing feature, users not only can promote content and improve revenue, but also see how often an article is previewed and if any sales resulted from those views.
  • Completed Article Analytics: With this data, users will be able to tell when an full article is read and if readers are using the tablet of contents within a publication to discover other articles.

Other updates included with the release are additional data fields for fulfillment reports, PDF support for the desktop viewer and changes to the app builder such as asset links being stored on the server.