A Silicon Valley startup is coming out of stealth mode to help you connect with your customers in real time.

The company, Altocloud, is releasing what it describes as a unique solution today, which combines machine learning and predictive analytics with real time communications within websites and mobile apps.

Altocloud officials said the solution makes voice, video and chat interactions better. It predicts the right visitors and moments in online journeys where interactions add value.

"Altocloud helps companies increase sales whether it’s more conversions on an e-commerce website or higher value leads on inside sales by profiling their prospects and customers and telling them the best way to communicate live with the customer," Barry O'Sullivan, CEO of Mountain View, Calif.-based Altocloud, told CMSWire.

"Without us, they are flying blind. We give them the information they need to know -- which prospects will respond best to which types of live 'in-the-moment' communications and with whom." 

Inside the Tech

2015-16-March-Barry O'Sullivan.jpg

What does the tech do? Altocloud's technology profiles website and app visitors and uses machine learning to identify visitors who would benefit to speak with a representative in real-time. Online visitors can respond to personalized messages and invitations to talk or chat to a representative. 

Sales representatives can connect in a browser. They see live visitors on the site, “persona” categories that they match and live page-by-page customer journeys. 

According to O'Sullivan, live interactions get automatically routed to the right representatives, who can then interact with the prospect through chat or voice or video directly within their browser. 

"Voice, video and chat interactions are all embedded seamlessly within the website or app, with no disjointed use of separate phone or other calls," O'Sullivan said. "Altocloud’s SaaS solution includes all the real-time communications technology needed, all easily added to websites and apps with just a small snippet of code."

Integrations, Target Audience

O'Sullivan said the platform integrates with multiple technologies. They include:

  • marketing automation platforms (such as Marketo and HubSpot)
  • e-commerce platforms (such as Magento and WooCommerce)
  • sales automation (such as Salesforce)


"These systems collect a lot of data," he said, "but they do not include real-time communications that allow live interactions while customers are still on a site within their online journey. Altocloud can use the data from these systems to make better decisions about automating the best live interactions."

O'Sullivan said the solution works for e-commerce business of all sizes.

"There are many small and mid-size e-commerce sites looking to compete with the big guys with a better customer experience," he said, adding that Altocloud’s SaaS solution is "easily added and used without requiring IT support."

Funding Boost

The 18-month-old company also announced today a $2 million seed funding led by Delta Partners, DigicelGroup and ACT Venture Capital. This brings Altocloud’s total funding to $3 million.

O'Sullivan said the company's key areas of product innovation are machine-learning processes. It wants to help businesses get the most out of customer journey data to make the best decisions and "make each moment of live interaction as seamless and simple as possible for customers," he added.

O'Sullivan, a former Cisco executive, and two others founded the company in October 2013 -- Joe Smith, chief technology officer, and Dan Arra, vice president of sales and service. It now has 16 employees. The founders in March 2014 put the solution into private beta with more than 20 customers.