Who needs a smartphone? Virtualization specialist BlueStacks is bringing Android to the desktop, allowing hundreds of thousands of apps to run on a big screen in the latest step toward device convergence.


Pushing the Screen Boundaries

Eyebrows may be raised by many at the idea of running phone apps on the desktop, especially a non-touchscreen one, but there is some merit to the concept. Larger visuals, sharing of devices and using the cloud to sync files or saves.

Already available on Intel PCs, Macs and pre-bundled with ASUS devices, the new AMD announcement brings the worlds of Windows 8 devices and Android apps clashing together through BlueStack's clever emulator. The beta version has been download millions of times, and the number of compatible apps is growing all the time. 

Not only that, but this idea paves the way for Microsoft to perhaps allow Windows Phone apps across all desktops, while, maybe, Apple, might one day allow a full-bore iPhone emulator for Apps. With AMD lagging behind in the power race for desktops and the new Ultrabooks. 

AMD's Show Goes On

With AMD having fallen well behind Intel in the processor race, and its share price depressed, this is hardly the "big" news that the company needs. However, perhaps Windows 8 will bring a new lease of life to the company, which has a range of Ultrabook-like devices ready to ship with partners. 

BlueStacks, however, is a company on the rise with investment from Adreessen Horowitz, AMD and several others. The appeal of a huge number of apps to users could just tip interest back toward AMD powered devices in the long run. Find out more at the AMD App Zone.