Anametrix Attracts More Funding, Launches Campaign Analytics Tool

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Anametrix Attracts More Funding, Launches Campaign Analystics Tool
Anametrix, a cloud-based, real-time digital analytics platform provider, has secured both a US$ 4.4 million Series A funding round and has announced its new Campaign Analytics product, which provides B2C marketers a holistic view of marketing mix performance. Together, the next generation of digital analytics is closer than ever.

Investing in Analytics

As you may have noticed, the analytics sector is exploding, making it a worthwhile investment, especially for companies like Anametrix, which built its platform from the ground up. Anametrix also has had some considerable experience (and success) employing its analytics platform within a few fortune 100 companies, which ranked among the various reasons that TVC Capital decided to invest in Anametrix.

The funding will help Anametrix expand their innovative approach and increase their commitment to developing better predictive analytics, both of which their new Campaign Analytics product clearly demonstrate. The platform offers real-time, multichannel analytics that collects, analyzes and displays data from any source or vendor.

A New Generation of Digital Analytics

Anametrix's new Campaign Analytics product is designed to help B2C chief marketing officers and their teams demonstrate and increase their return on marketing investment (ROMI) by improving campaign effectiveness, lowering customer acquisition costs, expanding lifetime value and uncovering new revenue opportunities.

Campaign Analytics also connects B2C marketers to the technology needed to evaluate the effectiveness of their marketing spend. And while having the right technology helps, it’s only as good as what it can do.

Pelin Thorogood, CMO of Anametrix told us that many companies are realizing that there must be a better way to collect information from across multiple channels and analyze it in a way that’s timely and effective.

Anametrix Attracts More Funding, Launches Campaign Analystics Tool

Anametrix lets marketers go beyond basic campaign response measurement by examining specific customer segments, regions, and demographics to better understanding which bring the most value.

Currently many organizations are using marketing tools that are simplyineffective. As Thorogood puts it, this approach to analytics is “likedoing astronomy with the naked eye.” As a result, Anametrix’s newplatform offers up a microscopic view of data, without requiringadvanced skills from marketers.

Learning Opportunities

Anametrix Attracts More Funding, Launches Campaign Analystics Tool

Anametrix lets users compare campaign effectiveness across channels, in real time, enabling quick decisions about which campaigns and channels should be allocated more or less resources.

With real-time visualizations of how the multichannel marketing mix is performing across campaigns, geographies and devices, marketers can better allocate resources to optimize ROMI. Other features include:

  • Holistic views of marketing mix performance, rather than silo-based analysis that can be misleading
  • Real-time data correlations that reveal trends and anomalies
  • Improved customer segmentation and campaign targeting
  • Visibility into the complex relationships between social media, earned media, and paid media
  • Context for business executives to quickly evaluate ROMI against goals and prior performance

Case Studies in Digital Analytics

But don't take their word for how innovative and transformational Anametrix's analytics can be. According to company case studies, several companies have been able to connect to offline and online data in real time, which in turn saved them time and money, while letting them deploy useful marketing and strategic advertising campaigns. Without it, they'd be chasing dead ends and random demographics, rather than being able to identify the relevant market demographics and create the appropriate messages.

Whether it's a Top Three automaker looking to share market data with its dealerships or an online news publisher looking to improve subscriptions in spite of a paywall, Anametrix seems to be able to provide the missing pieces of the digital analytics puzzle that have eluded too many companies and threatened them with obsolescence.

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