Android Notifications Making Their Way to the Desktop in Chrome?

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 The latest test version of the Chromium browser has a neat new feature that could see the Google Now notifications from Android devices pass over to Google's desktop browser. 

Mobile and Desktop Continue to Merge

Chrome is already a pretty handy browser when it comes to crossing the mobile/desktop divide. You can share your favorites, access sites open in another browser and so on. Continuing the integration, it looks like Chrome will get a fully-fledged notification center, with the latest build of the Chromium developer version getting Rich Notifications. 

Assuming the feature, spotted by a Google+ user, hits a general Chrome update in the near future, it could make for further integration between an Android User's phone and their desktop more of a complete experience. For example, the user wouldn't have to dig the phone out of a pocket every time it went ping, or even change their focus away from the desktop. That will be extra useful for Google Chromebook users who are generally always working within Chrome. 


Learning Opportunities

One For All?

Hopefully this logical move will be followed by the likes of Apple who are making very slow progress with integration, has iCloud done anything useful for you yet? Perhaps it is better for Mac owners, but in Windows-world, I don't get the the magic, but then perhaps they don't want us to enjoy it. 

Microsoft has better integration for those in the Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8 ecosystem, so Apple could be seen to be lagging in this area. Perhaps they are working on something for iOS 7.0 to close the gap.