As if there was any doubt that mobile is now a two-horse race, Apple has taken over the No. 2 spot behind Samsung as an OEM producer. 

The Big Two Getting Bigger

Samsung makes phones for the Android and Windows Phone markets. Apple makes phones for Apple, while other phone makers build devices for a range of customers. But, nothing can stop those top two from dominating the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) chart in America, according to the latest ComScore subscriber data. 

That is helping to send the likes of troubled firms like Motorola, RIM and HTC even further down the list. Apple has shot up the charts from 11% last year to 17.8% now, approaching one-fifth of all phones brought, based on subscriber share. 


Learning Opportunities

Platform Share

Google's Android platform still dominates the OS market with 53.6%, Apple is firmly in second at 34.3%, with RIM losing more share, but still in third with 7.8%. Android and Apple are the only growth platforms at the moment, Windows Phone will hopefully start showing growth from Windows Phone 8, with RIM starting its BB10 comeback in February 2013. 

Despite the best production and marketing efforts, it seems that it is increasingly tough for any other manufacturer to produce a device that makes a massive impact, like the iPhone and Galaxy devices do.

What will it take to create a shift in the market? Will one of the other operating systems start a remorseless rise up the rankings? Is there a design house somewhere with the skills to make something that people will want more than an iPhone or Galaxy? Or are users now happy in their existing camps to make change almost impossible.