If you needed a few more reasons to spend hours on social media, gamification software maker Badgeville and social analytics provider PeopleBrowsr have created a solution that enables organizations to extend their gamification programs beyond their own applications and websites. The new features allow organizations to incentivize and reward users for their actions on Facebook, Twitter and other social sites. There goes the rest of my day.

Gamify Everything

Multiple studies have shown that gamification is an effective tool to drive user behavior. It can be even more effective if organizations have access to the right data. According to Kris Duggan, CEO, Badgeville, this is what Badgeville’s new partnership with PeopleBrowsr provides. It gives Badgeville’s platform access to information about user’s public social behavior, and extends the platform’s capabilities like points, achievements, levels and missions beyond corporate applications and sites to social networks. 

Organizations can now monitor activities like:

  • Tweets, replies, mentions and follows (Twitter)
  • Posts, mentions, likes, shares, event invitations (Facebook)
  • Blog posts across the web
  • Posts and replies to discussion forum

Combining these new social analytics with Badgeville’s existing behavior analytics gives organizations more insight into user behavior and makes it easier to identify the best approaches to increase engagement. The new features are in beta and should be generally available in the fourth quarter.

Is Gamification Going Mainstream

More vendors, like Badgeville, are including game mechanics in their platforms. Wanda Meloni, founder and principal analyst at M2 Research in Encinitas, Calif., estimates that gamification related revenue was approximately US$ 100 million in 2011, but will grow to US$ 1.6 billion by 2015. However, it is still unclear if gamification will gain deep traction in the enterprise. The majority of gamification implementations are still focused on consumer facing sites and applications.

There are companies using game mechanics internally to encourage activities like timely completion of expense reports. But gamification isn’t exactly common as an internal enterprise tool. Organizations are being pressured to adopt cloud-based models, social tools and mobile technologies. Therefore, gamification may not make the list of top priorities. Companies like Badgeville are trying to change that, but they still have a lot of work to do.