Badgeville Makes CRM Engagement a Game with Salesforce Integration #Dreamforce

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Anybody that has implemented a customer relationshipmanagement (CRM) or sales automation platform knows a dirty little secret mostvendors don’t reveal: most people hate to use them. Well, they hate to use themunless they get something for it. That is exactly what Badgeville is attemptingto provide with its new Salesforce integration.

It’s All Sales and Games

Gamification is gaining momentum in the enterprise, and that’s music to Badgeville’s ears. The company has been touting the benefits of gamification for changing behavior and encouraging deeper engagement for years.

The company launched two years ago, and has been busy doing more than raising venture capital. Earlier this month, Badgeville released a Drupal integration, and in August the company held its first “behavior management” summit. Before that the company launched new Facebook and Twitter features and several other releases.

Now the company is targeting an area that will definitely be a test of its claims -- customer relationship management (CRM). The concept of CRM is great. It provides automation, centralization of information, analytics and many other features for companies to manage customer relations. However, each year countless CRM implementations fail. Sure, some of those failures are technology and project management issues, but an enormous portion of CRM fail to achieve the projected ROI because employees refuse to use them properly (or at all).

This is the problem Badgeville wants to solve with its new Badgeville for Salesforce offering. The new service adds a native, wizard-based gamification layer within the Salesforce platform.

Learning Opportunities

Managers/administrators can create and deploy new rules and rewards without leaving their sales platform. Users can earn points for any behavior sale managers define and the system will track their progress and award achievement levels and rewards as they achieve milestones. The platform can also automatically reset rewards based on sales levels or a time frame.


The biggest technical feature of the new release is something most customers won’t notice, a new Badgeville API. This appears to be the start of a new Badgeville service-based offering. Perhaps a software-as-a-service offering will arrive in the near future.

Getting More Information

Badgeville for Salesforce is available now on the Salesforce AppExchange. However, no pricing details were posted. Organizations interested in purchasing Badgeville for Salesforce should contact Badgeville’s sales team.