Base CRM Wants to Take on Industry Heavy Hitters

A small CRM software provider feels it has the alternative to big players Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics and SAP.

Palo Alto-based Base CRM released a new set of features officials say will give sales leaders the tools to "make an immediate impact on the productivity of their teams" by moving the CRM dynamic from "static to "real time." It helps its 5,000 or so customers fill a gap, officials say, that exists with legacy cloud SFA and CRM systems like Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics.

"The CRM market is crowded with legacy solutions like Salesforce, MS Dynamics and SAP," Uzi Shmilovici, CEO of Base, told CMSWire. "These offerings mainly consist of a large database that is manually populated through a series of forms. The legacy solutions are not easy to use, they suffer when it comes to mobility and they do not return benefits to the sales reps who are forced to use the CRMs."

Features Unveiled

Base officials called their platform the "all-in-one productivity app for salespeople operating on their desktops, mobile devices or tablets." 

customer experience, CRM Provider Claims to be Alternative to Heavy Industry Hitters

New features in Base include:

  • Instant, real time notifications 
  • Appointments, which allows salespeople to use their phones, tablets or computers to schedule meetings, send invitations and track meeting history with their customers
  • Time to first action reports, which allows sales executives to understand the chances of winning a deal using reports tracked by email and voice communication history leveraging its Base's big data stack
  • Rep performance dashboard in one view
  • Stage duration analysis report, which studies how fast salespeople move deals through the sales pipeline and then predicts the likelihood of winning deals based on their progression in the pipeline

Base currently offers three product levels: Base Starter Edition, Base Professional Edition and Base Enterprise Edition. Pricing starts at $15 per user, per month. 

Why Base?

What distinguishes this from competitors? We asked Base's CEO, who said, "Recent advancements in big data, mobility and real time computing make way for intelligent enterprise products like Base, and the legacy vendors are struggling to keep up. Base adds an additional sales productivity layer to the standard CRM stack that includes real-time notifications, a world-class mobile experience and integrated rep-level productivity."

It's a productivity app, and not just a database populated by "archaic forms," Shmilovici added.

"On the reporting side, Base’s real-time notifications lets sales leaders receive insights immediately--when they are most actionable--and can take steps to potentially save a deal from being lost," he said. "This is a stark contrast to legacy cloud static CRM systems that require information to be manually pulled from the system, meaning that critical sales updates are not visible until the report is generated."

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