The fPrivacy Chrome extension gives users more control by disallowing specific app permissions.

Who Gets In, Who Stays Out

A new Chrome plugin, fPrivacy, created by Chad Selph, allows users to choose which permissions to grant apps. When a user allows a new app access to his or her Facebook profile, check boxes at the top of the window appear, which allow the user to control permission access.


Select permissions to allow.

Or lock down some information on your account.

Privacy Concerns

In November, we reported that Facebook was proposing an "opt-in" privacy settlement with the FTC. The previous Facebook policy took an "opt-out" approach in which users had to stay on top of the changing privacy policies and then change their profile settings accordingly.

Earlier in the year, Facebook was sued over cookies that were tracking users after they logged out of the social networking service. Facebook saw the "frictionless sharing" as a hassle-free sharing service, whereas many Facebook users saw it as a huge invasion of privacy.

Learning Opportunities

As we reported in September, Facebook announced the new Timeline featureat the Facebook f8 conference. Timeline is rolling out to all Facebook users later this month, which also poses new privacy concerns:

But more than users showcasing relevant points in their life, Timeline is more of a platform that apps can use to mine data stored throughout a user's history. Apps can showcase data from a user's profile and that of their friends, such as music preferences, places visited, recipes cooked and a lot of other information in a time-bound format."

So far, Timeline is being met with mixed reviews by users who have voluntarily moved to the new format in advance of the general roll out.

With all of these privacy concerns, add-ons like fPrivacy are timely. fPrivacy is available from the Chrome webstore. Simply download the app, give it access to your Facebook (ironic, no?) page, and then it's ready to go when you try installing your next Facebook app.

Are there other Facebook privacy plugins and add-ons you recommend? Let us know in the comments.