How many times have you typed a question into a search engine and received all kinds of inappropriate results? Microsoft's Bing might help answer your query faster by tying into the popular Q&A social site to provide more relevant answers and information. 

The People's Voice

Quora is seeing great growth as a way for people to ask questions and get some wisdom from a fairly intelligent crowd. It has also grown to allow users to create useful themed lists and make it easier to create content. 

But, it is that first feature of Quora's that Microsoft will be looking to take advantage of, as it adds Quora content to the social sidebar of the search engine's results page. Live in the U.S. as of today, questions that have been answered on the service will appear to help illuminate and inform on your quest for knowledge. 

The addition also helps round out Bing's offering and provides a more likely relevant answer to questions that would flummox or confuse your Facebook or Twitter acquaintances. There is no word on when it will be rolled out to users around the world, but it probably won't take long for Microsoft to flip that switch. 

Bing on the Up

With recent improvements in mapping and other additions, Bing is becoming increasingly useful beyond mere search. And, as it gets added into more devices likes Xbox consoles and forthcoming Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8 devices, its search ranking can only improve. 

One point, if you're a Quora user and don't want your answers or comments to appear in Bing, then you can change your Quora settings to block such activity. Quora itself is always adding new features, the latest one allows you to add quotes more easily. 

All users have to do is highlight the specific text in an answer, click the “embed quote” button, or click the “embed” link to grab the whole thing. Users will get an embed code that can be pasted into your site, document or research.