No one does this. 

That is Bizo's claim on a new tool that it says defines a new era of marketing automation beyond the email inbox. The unique part?

Marketers have the ability to nurture their anonymous website visitors that have not yet provided an email address. It's a patent-pending Multi-Channel Nurturing solution that Bizo says helps B2B marketers use online display and social ads to engage known prospects and convert anonymous website visitors.

One of a Kind?

Are there truly no other organizations doing this?

"Correct," Chris Mann, vice president of product management at Bizo, told CMSWire.

"No other company allows marketers to nurture their anonymous website visitors and engage more known contacts anywhere online using targeted display and social ads," added Mann, whose company last fall partnered with Oracle on display and social ads technologies. "Today, the only option available to marketers to nurture leads systematically is through email."

Bizo Multi-Channel Nurturing allows any B2B marketing organization, whether or not they are currently using a marketing automation platform, to methodically nurture audiences with targeted display and social ads, Mann told CMSWire.

Where exactly do the ads show up to the anonymous web visitors?

Across premium business websites, ad exchanges and Facebook, according to Mann.

Bizo marketing.gif

Learning Opportunities

Technology Highlights

Bizo said B2B marketers can also use Bizo to: 

  • Create multiple nurture paths that sequence targeted ad creative and content based on both the business demographic profile and onsite behavior of web visitors
  • Optimize lead quality and program ROI by nurturing only those prospects belonging to the most highly desired audience segments
  • Apply platform-supported A/B testing to optimize ad creative, messaging and nurture paths 
  • Measure the impact of Bizo nurture programs through out-of-the-box, full-funnel reporting

The problem this technology solves is that email nurturing is limited "since marketers only have emails for a small percentage of their target audience," Mann said. The new Multi-Channel Nurturing extends, he said, the nurturing effort to display and social advertising to give marketers the ability to run programs that are always on.

Marketing Platform Expands

Bizo Multi-Channel Nurturing is the latest addition to the Bizo Marketing Platform, which provides a suite of B2B multi-channel solutions. Mann called Bizo Multi-Channel Nurturing a stand-alone component of the Bizo Marketing Platform that is offered under a subscription model, and marketers do not need to be current Bizo users in order to use this solution.

How much does the Bizo platform cost?

The Bizo Multi-Channel Nurturing platform is offered under a subscription pricing model that is based on the number of users that are actively being nurtured and works out to less than $0.10 per nurtured user per month, Mann told CMSWire.

Asked who the target audience is -- SMB B2B marketers or larger enterprises -- Mann said it is intended for all B2B companies, both large and small.

"One of the biggest struggles for marketers today," Mann told CMSWire, "is that they spend a healthy amount of their budgets driving traffic to their website through various marketing channels. However, on average, less than 5 percent of consumers who visit a company’s website actually submit their email address, which is the only way a company can follow up with that visitor. This leaves a huge untapped source of revenue potential for brands."

B2B marketers that conduct "intelligent nurturing" are thriving, Mann added. The most successful marketers are those who are adopting an "always on," multi-channel approach to reaching their target audiences online.

"You would never turn your website off, so why should you turn off your other marketing channels that can help you reach and engage more prospects, and turn them into your next customers at any moment?" asked Mann. "Marketers who take this always-on approach to their marketing will consistently come out on top."