Oracle continues to integrate the Eloqua technology it bought nearly a year ago. As it does, it's extending some of the existing Eloqua capability by partnering with Bizo to run multi-channel campaigns that include display ads and social media.

Multi-channel campaigns help create a seamless customer experience across email, social media and other platforms.

Reaching More Prospects

There is one big advantage to combining the Eloqua marketing automation technology with Bizo's display advertising tools: It is a way to reach more prospects, both new and existing. Known prospects may receive an email, while potential prospects may see display ads instead. This synchronization of messages across channels gives marketers a powerful way to increase conversions.

The concept is to create a consistent message across channels. Bizo can show personalized display ads to anonymous website and social media visitors based on how they navigate those properties, and the messages can be directed through the Eloqua Campaign Canvas.

Customers of both Eloqua and Bizo can target anonymous prospects through their activities online, and also connect with known customers through channels beyond email. Known customers who may not be opening email can be served the same message through display and social media ads.

Oracle Extends Multi Channel Campaigns to Display Ads, Social with Bizo Partnership
Marketing automation now extends to display and social media ads so companies can spread messages further.

Eloqua AdFocus Debuts

A few weeks before Oracle bought it, Eloqua debuted a tool called Adfocus that focused on display ads. Like Bizo, the technology is designed to connect marketing campaigns to display ads that are served to prospects on given websites. AdFocus has been in beta for the past year, and is now being rolled out to Eloqua customers.

Learning Opportunities

AdFocus is an Eloqua add on, and it's also available in the Eloqua AppCloud. It's also being used in conjunction with the Bizo partnership to connect known prospects to the most relevant display and social media ads. 

Oracle, like many other enterprise software vendors, has been very focused in digital marketing technology in recent months. In fact, the Eloqua buy was the first of multiple marketing automation buys in 2013. By connecting marketing campaigns across other customer touchpoints like display and social media ads, Oracle is one step closer to closing the gaps in multi channel campaigns.

The company is a bit further along than Salesforce or Adobe in its marketing automation system integration, but we'll likely find out more about Salesforce's plans for its ExactTarget buy at its Dreamforce conference in November.

As for Adobe, it's already integrated its Neolane purchase into its marketing cloud, but it has not yet released many further plans. Of the three companies, the Adobe Neolane buy was the most recent. Digital marketing tools are now ramping up to enterprise speed, so it will certainly be interesting to see if any other companies scoop up a marketing automation tools in the coming months.

Image Credit: kentoh / Shutterstock