This morning, Eloqua announced AdFocus -- a tool that allows marketers tomanage their display ad targeting within Eloqua's marketing automationsystem. The release of AdFocus gives marketers a way to monitor andmanage their paid marketing alongside other marketing efforts such asemail and affiliate marketing.

The ability to monitor display ad targeting within Eloqua's marketing automation system is useful since display ads are a growing area of focus for business-to-business (B2B) companies. According to a recent Forrester report, this paid media is expected to make up 36 percent of all interactive media purchases by 2016.

As the focus on display ads grows, it will be important to narrowly target personalized display ad content to a niche target audience. And the using the data kept in a marketing automation system to personalize ads can help marketers pinpoint their target audience.

AdFocus Helps Create More Personalized Display Ads

Most display ads fail to reach their intended audience. A recent study by DemandBase, a personalization and targeting platform, estimates that 67 percent of all display ads are seen by the wrong audience. AdFocus is designed to help marketers reach their audience more effectively by using prospect data, such as their current lead score, already stored in the marketing automation system. Eloqua's AdFocus can use this information to serve up a personalized ad for the intended audience via DemandBase.

For instance, AdFocus allows marketers to display certain ads solely to prospects that are in the lead nurturing phase. For these individuals, marketers can display an ad with a call to action that is educational in nature and send them to an informational page rather than a sales page. Meanwhile, marketers can target existing customers with ads with an upsell offer rather than asking them to purchase a product they already own.

Learning Opportunities


Screenshot of Eloqua AdFocus display ad rules.

AdFocus also allows marketers to directly display personal information about prospects (e.g. the Account Manager that operates their account) directly within an ad. This kind of individualized approach to display ad targeting provides a more direct approach to speaking to any prospect which, Eloqua believes, improves the success of lead generation efforts.

A final feature of AdFocus is that it allows marketers to automate their display ad targeting efforts. Traditionally, marketers have to go out and research websites and industry publications they'd like to use for their display ad targeting and then manually target those publications. DemandBase can automate this process by analyzing and selecting which websites and publications are the best fit for the prospect profile marketer wants to target. After that, marketers can use AdFocus to immediately start displaying ads based on the defined rules for the ad.

AdFocus Helps Compare Marketing Efforts in a Single System

By logging all of this information in a single system, marketers will be able to compare and contrast the return on investment of their marketing efforts side-by-side. With comparisons of earned, owned and paid marketing efforts in a single system, marketers can get a better grasp on what works for them and how their earned and owned efforts can work in conjunction with paid marketing efforts like display ads.