Buddy Media Issues Enhancements To Overcome ‘Anarchy’ of Social Media
Like many voices at a party, the many kinds of social media conversations all compete for attention. To help deal with what it describes as the “anarchy” of social media marketing in many agencies, social enterprise software provider Buddy Media is announcing major enhancements to its social marketing suite.

The enhancements include a unified social data API, tracking for conversion and campaign goals across social media, and a new mobile content development platform. With these updates, the New York City-based company said brands can manage their efforts through a single, enterprise social marketing suite.

New Pinterest App

Founder and CEO Michael Lazerow said in a statement that Buddy Media is the only one “to provide a unified solution that helps our customers to organize their teams, optimize their social programs to deliver real business results, and repeat.”

The new social data API enables the gleaned information to inform marketing strategy, by integrating with existing CRM and email systems. There’s also now a social app for Pinterest, the popular social image-posting site, that coordinates the use of the same content on Facebook.


Buddy Media - social API

Universal conversion tracking across an entire social marketing suite presents information on which posts, apps, or sharing activities are driving the most sales conversions. As an example, Buddy Media noted that a user’s posted updates to a social stream can be tracked to see if any posts resulted in a form submission or a viewing of a video.


Buddy Media - Campaign Tracking

Optimizing Content for Actions

This kind of granular analysis is what marketers need, the company said. “It’s not enough for brands and agencies to only know qualitative data such as shares and comments,” Lazerow told news media. He added that identifying which content is driving “the most actions” is also required, and that the new enhancements better optimize “content specifically for actions, not just engagement.”

Mobile devices represent a whole new terrain of challenges. The company said that it is the first to launch a native mobile social app platform, which allows mobile-specific polls, product galleries, photo galleries, form builders and video players through the social marketing suite. The suite also enables toggling between mobile and desktop versions of the apps.

Results of specific social media campaigns can also be grouped as needed in the new enhancements. The groupings can contain a date range and goals, and goals can be determined using a variety of key performance indicators, or KPIs, that measure the effectiveness of campaign elements. KPIs could include, for instance, the number of content submissions, video views, sign-ups or revenue.

Buddy Media’s social enterprise software is used by eight of the top ten global advertisers, according to the company. Brand customers include the National Football League and Lenovo.