Campaigner, a sales and marketing subsidiary brand of j2 Global Inc, has announced Campaigner Elements, an API tool for email marketing that gives marketers the ability to see data trends and manage contacts and campaigns.

Marketing Has Its Issues

Digital marketing, in any format, isn't the easiest task. Marketers are responsible for developing new campaign ideas, monitoring social channels, analyzing analytics data and engaging promptly with customers. According to Rick Faulk, GM of Cloud Services or Sales and Marketing at Campaigner, many of the problems associated with email marketing are automation and integration. With these problems in mind, Campaigner Elements was created.

An Email Marketing Solution

With Campaigner Elements, the main focus is on big data analytics, which includes information on social sharing activities, campaign history, contact history and A/B split testing. Marketers are given a better picture of customer trends and behavior that, in turn, will improve engagement efforts.

There are also a variety of contact, organizational, campaign and content management features that add to the Campaigner Elements experience:

  • In having standard-based protocols, Campaigner Elements can be used with any programming language and can be integrated into third party databases, CRMs, websites and social networks.
  • Users can create, rename, segment and manage detailed subscriber lists or groups and import contacts from a pre-existing contact list, such as a spreadsheet.
  • Users can upload their own email template or choose from 500 different pre-designed, customizable templates. In turn, certain identifying information can be included when personalizing a template, such as a recipient's name and basic location to make the email less generic and more like a one-on-one conversation.
  • Campaigns, including auto-responders and drip campaigns, can be managed, reviewed and integrated through the Campaign Element platform.
  • Information, including Big Data reports, contact profiles, open and click rates by contact and campaign metrics can be viewed as detailed, downloadable reports.

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Campaigner is part of J2Global Inc which concentrates on business cloud services and digital media.