customer experience, CEO: For Digital Marketers, One Voice Means Strong Campaign #KenticoConnection
Digital marketers naturally are seeking connections. Intimate connections with existing customers and potential new ones.

But what’s the message your brand is delivering? And who in the organization is delivering it? And, perhaps most importantly, is it consistent across all channels?

It better be, according to Petr Palas, Kentico CEO and founder.

Multiple Channels, One Strong Message

Palas’ keynote this morning during the fourth Kentico Connection in Burlington, MA, focused on benefits and trends in digital marketing. He stressed the need to create one voice on digital marketing campaigns.  

“Content is still relevant, but the way we think about content today is different,” Palas told the audience at the Burlington Marriott Boston. “Today it’s now managed and delivered across multiple channels. It’s very important to be consistent and have a single source of customer data and have a single source of content.”

Provide customers the right content at the right time and with consistent messaging, Palas said.

Marketing Game Changing

Kentico is investing in its digital marketing solutions so much that it added it as a track at this year’s conference in addition to partner and technology; Kentico has 1,100 partners in 90 countries, Kentico Chief Evangelist Thomas Robbins told CMSWire before the conference.    

customer experience, CEO: For Digital Marketers, One Voice Means Strong Campaign #KenticoConnection

Petr Palas, CEO and founder of Kentico, left, catches up with a conference attendee after his keynote this morning at the Kentico Connection 2013 Boston conference. #KenticoConnection

Digital marketers are seeing shifts in the way they do business and “major trends” in a “mobile revolution,” Palas said this morning. Successful marketers are building strong skills in both analog and digital marketing and are integrating them into one solid offering. 

“In the future you won’t even be able to distinguish between analog and digital,” Palas told the conference audience. “It will be an integral part of digital marketing.”

Learning Opportunities

Redefining Content Management Systems

Palas mentioned how his company is “redefining CMS” today. Where nine years ago it was all about managing Websites and Website content, now it’s become about online marketing, e-commerce, communities, social media integration and analytics, among others.

The customer, Palas said, must be at the center of any solution.

“We need to take a fresh look and stay relevant for (our clients’) needs in the future as well,” Palas said. “Today, we need to put the customer at the center of our focus. You look at tools for digital marketers, and all these tools are about communities and customers.”

Solutions, Palas said, must be simple to install and easy to update applications without putting solutions at risk. End users must be able to use Web CMS enterprise systems without extensive training and from any device, “not just on a computer,” Palas said.

Don’t Forget Developers

At the same time, organizations cannot forget about developers in their campaigns. The CEO called developers a “critical element in the execution of digital marketing strategies.”

IT and developers are “much more involved in marketing than ever before,” Palas said, adding they’re extremely important players for on-premise applications and in the cloud.