Is your online Customer Experience up to snuff? Maybe your web content management system isn't exactly helping you build the best experience you can. If you aren't really sure, try out CoreMedia's Health Check. Be prepared to be honest in your responses to the questions.

Your Web CMS is the Core

We've had this discussion before right? Your web content management system is most often the core technology that supports all your online customer experience (CXM) efforts. But if you are working with an older system, or one that doesn't offer the ability to integrate other critical CXM systems (like CRM, marketing automation, social networks, personalization, etc..) then you have a big problem.

Content is at the heart of all customer interactions, which is why the Web CMS is so important. But you need to provide that content within the context of the user's current experience. Unfortunately that seems to be the challenge for most orgs today -- and most can point to the Web CMS as the main issue.

Do a Health Check on Your Web CMS

CoreMedia is offering this interesting Health Check tool -- essentially it's a website that asks you a number of questions related to your current needs and situation. Answer all the questions truthfully and you will see results related to your web content management system's readiness in the following CXM areas:

  • Customer Experience
  • Marketing Effectiveness
  • Mobile Readiness
  • Usability and Consumability


CoreMedia Health Check

There's a long version and a shorter one. The long one, which I ran through asks a number of questions related to your Web CMS's ability to integrate other systems and adapt quickly to changes. It also asks about your goals with your website, your comfort level in trying new technologies and how quickly you can assess the performance of your content.

All of the questions are reasonable ones to ask when you are looking at your Customer Experience Strategy and they tie directly into how your web content management system must work to achieve the objectives you set in your strategy.

If the test gives you a better idea of the position you are in now and where you need to focus your attention related to your supporting Web CMS technology, then it's worth taking. If nothing, the questions are great to use when you develop your CXM strategy (if you are just starting out or updating it).

Is this a pitch for CoreMedia's WCM? No, not directly and there's no discussions about how CoreMedia's offerings can help you acheive your objectives. But if the vendor knows the right questions to ask (and I expect most of them do), then you know it's a product worth looking at (assuming you are in the market for a new web content management system).