Create Interactive HTML5-Based Content with Easy WebContent Presenter

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Cloud-based software company, Easy WebContent has released Easy WebContent Presenter to help both small and large organizations create more interactive web content.

Engaging and Interactive

In today’s world, a business can’t simply create a webpage with product and contact information. This page has to be compatible with a variety of different devices, fast, easy to navigate and interactive --- although many businesses don’t have the skills or resources to meet this need.

This is where Easy WebContent comes into play with Easy WebContent Presenter, which had previously only been available in a beta format. As a free product, users can easily add HTML5 supported features to their website, such as infographics, animation, product demos and landing pages.

“EWC Presenter is an HTML5 app, so there’s nothing to download and it works across all platforms,” said Marcia Moran of Modern DC Business. “That makes Presenter a very powerful tool considering that approximately 1/4 of consumers who go online qualify as digital omnivores -- meaning they use Smartphones, tablets and laptops/desktops in some combination to access content throughout the day.”

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Overall, with Presenter, Easy WebContent aims tonot only improve the look of a website, but improve engagement levels as well. Features that can be used by both seasoned website designers and beginners include:

Learning Opportunities

  • Infographic, product demo, banner ad and presentation templates.
  • Drag and drop features for customizable, rich media content such as photos, videos, shapes and icons.
  • Animation tools for presentations and infographics, and effects that can add drop shadows and reflections to an image, text or similar content.
  • Access to publishing and embedding tools that allow content to be viewed on any kind of device without additional support.
  • Users can also create “independent” content that is hosted through Easy WebContent that can be shared via social media, email or a download.

Easy WebContent Presenter is currently only available in a trial format, with the full version being released within the next few months.

Website Design for Everyone

As cloud-based software, Easy WebContent is made up of a variety of tools that are designed to bridge the gap in web design and make it more available to anyone who wishes to use it.

The average human being who has no Web design experience but who can use Microsoft Word will find working with Easy WebContent a breeze,” said a review fromPC World’s Glenn Fleishmann.

Easy WebContent’s other tools are its Website Builder and HTML editor, along with site add-ons such as a gallery, music player and calendar.