CrownPeak Previews Upcoming Version of its SaaS Web CMS

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CrownPeak doesn't call its web content management platform a customer experience platform (CXM), instead it chooses to focus on what it does best -- web content management. With a new user experience coming your way, it may be just the right solution for your needs

Taking the Tech Out of WCM Technology

Yea, I know, that's never really going to happen. But the truth is, there are a lot of people in your organization who could help mange your web properties if the solution you were using wasn't so darn technical. According to Soumya Das, VP of Marketing & Strategy at CrownPeak, web apps continue to remain technical and there's always this gatekeeper getting in the way. Das cited several blockages to getting website up and running and easily managed including:

  • Complex legacy systems with custom integrations and complex deployments
  • Longer periods to make changes, whether they are content or interface changes
  • Lack of easy to use tools for non-technical users

Which is why CrownPeak has made some significant changes to its SaaS web content management system.

The New CrownPeak WCM

The CrownPeak interface has been developed using Silverlight and as a result it supports a single window view with no pop-ups to annoy or confuse.

2.0.4_rt_link copy.jpg

What you also get in this single view is a section that allows you to collaborate with others on content you are working on. Power users can create tasks around multiple files and publish more than one file at a time using the folder view you see above.

Marketing teams can involve other groups like sales product managers and other non-technical people to help shorten the traditional lifecycle of a piece of content.


CrownPeak can integrate with digital asset management systems to obtain images for your website, but you can also manipulate those images inside the dashboard itself.

CrownPeak -- Image Manipulation

Below you see CrownPeak's new Analytics Dashboard providing, at a glance, all the information you want to know about how your website and content are performing.

Learning Opportunities


Other features include a sitemap view that allows you to quickly drill down to certain areas for more information and the ability to add mobile and social networking channels.

Speed & Agility Matter in WCM

Das lists three core attributes for the digital enterprise: content, experience and delivery, and he believes CrownPeak is positioned to offer all three. CrownPeak itself, focuses on the capabilities it knows best: web content management. It then integrates with best of breed solutions for other elements of the customer experience, including a number of well known design partners. CrownPeak has an open API and a number of out of the box connectors.

Also playing to its strength is that it's a cloud-based service, which means it can offer things like zero maintenance, 24/7 support and lower costs than you would probably pay for an on-premise solution.

One final point that works in CrownPeak's favor is that you don't have to completely 'rip and replace' your existing solution to move to CrownPeak. It can be slow migration over, piece by piece until you have everything up and running smoothly in the single environment. Many CrownPeak customers have taken this approach.

Day says that speed and agility matter when it comes to your web strategy. He's right. So when you are selecting the right platform for your needs, keep that in mind.

CrownPeak plans to demo it's new version at the Gilbane Conference in Boston this month, so if what you've seen here interests you, head there for more details.