Details on Samsung's Supersize Galaxy Mega Smartphones Leak

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Is a 5-inch smartphone not enough for you? Do you have linebacker-sized hands that need more screen space, but can't be bothered with a mobile-enabled proper tablet? Another new off-shoot of the Galaxy range is coming from Samsung to answer this particular niche in the market. 

Samsung's Got You Covered

Whatever the size of your palm, or your pocket, Samsung's Galaxy range now has pretty much every size of device anyone could ever need. From the Galaxy S3 mini to the Pocket Neo to the latest S4. But that's not going to stop it covering any outlying segments of the market, where it can grab some more market share. 

Enter the Galaxy Mega devices, a supersized-class of phones/phablets with screen sizes rumored to be a whopping 5.8" budget-model and a 6.3" full fat affair. The smaller model it seems will come with a low-res screen running at 540x960, while the larger one will run at full HD. 

Both are supposed to ship with dual-core processors, to keep costs down, but that could change easily. Other specifications include an 8-megapixel rear camera, a 2-megapixel front camera with 1.5GB of RAM, and a chunky 3200 mAh battery. So, while Apple and BlackBerry soldier on with their (almost) one-size fits all approach, Samsung continues to pepper the market with its something for everyone approach. 

UPDATE: These devices have now been confirmed by Samsung and will be launching in Europe in May. They will make use of the latest Samsung-specific features like Group Play, WatchON, Link and Translator. And here's an official picture, not that its easy to judge the size (there are no comparison shots). 

Learning Opportunities


Taking Notes, Playing Games

With the Galaxy Note 8.0 (revealed back in February) due to go on-sale this week in the States, expect these devices to roll out in early summer to provide a neat gap between the mainstream Galaxy launches. The size of the 6.3" device was given away at the Galaxy S4 launch, when Samsung's game controller specifications suggested that it would support a smartphone of that size. 

That should make for a decent portable gaming experience, and with Apple perennially rumored to be launching a game controller, perhaps these entertainment additions, and the whole smartwatch concept, will be the areas that help drive interest in smartphones beyond the periodic upgrades this year. 

For the rest of us, it adds more choice when making a buying decision. We'd be interested in the psychological impact of seeing row upon row of Samsung devices in a store compared to that one Apple iPhone 5 on its lofty pedestal. Would a consumer feel confused by the wide choice at Samsung, or that Apple was failing to offer what you wanted? A full reveal is likely in the coming weeks.

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