At the last Enterprise 2.0 conference, San Francisco-based mobile customer experience vendor DoubleDutch, launched its Pride application. Today it is announcing the release of a new mobile solution -- Hive.

Contextual CRM

Hive is the reincarnation of HYVE, a geo-social collaboration suite for the mobile enterprise DoubleDutch released in mid-2011. The HYVE solution was put back into beta with a focus on the capabilities that customers were demanding.

Today we see the release of the re-branded Hive -- a workgroup collaboration app focused on mobile customer relationship management .

While DoubleDutch says Hive comes with all the features that you would expect of a powerful CRM system, including analytics and the ability to integrate with some of the bigger systems on the market -- like Salesforce -- this new application introduces a concept that we have only really seen in big on-premises Enterprise CMS suites -- context.

According to DoubleDutch, the new app offers context to on-the-road workers by offering triggers based on a salesperson’s location and gives them all the data they need when they need it.

Following current trends in many areas of information, Hive is built with mobile in mind first, an important distinction from many of the other apps on the market at the moment that are simply extensions of existing desktop applications.

DoubleDutch dashboard.jpg

DoubleDutch Hive

The result is a lightweight application with streamlined interfaces as well as lightweight game mechanics that include results’ leaderboards to encourage user adoption and use.

With Hive, we’re not re-inventing CRM, we’re making it a pleasure to use on the device you work with most… Our customers have shown they use our product about 50 times more often than other non-mobile products with more complicated, traditional CRM interfaces. That means businesses are going to have greater visibility into their customer pipeline and better results overall, not to mention ROI on their CRM investment,” Lawrence Coburn, founder and CEO, DoubleDutch.

It’s not clear where he go the “50 times more often” figure, but if it as easy to use as it seems to be then it is likely to attract considerable attention.

It works by using the following indicators to enable real-time updates in the field:

  • Location: Using geo-fenced sites salespeople are sent prompts while on-site with a customer to log the visit and the customer’s details using Hive’s location-based foundation.
  • Time: In order to ensure the delivery of the most up-to-date content in relation to a customer, users are sent content updates 15 minutes before meetings.
  • Behavior: Calls or emails can be associated with the relevant customer to ensure all content and data relating to that contact is kept together.

With this release, Hive is available for both iPhone and Android for free up to three users with premium and enterprises also available. If you’re interested in more on this, check out the video below,