eBook: Mobify's 14 Essential Tactics for Mobile Engagement
Optimizing for mobile engagement is not always easy, thanks especially to the changing interfaces, screens and sizes of mobile devices. Still, the objectives remain the same: Provide relevant information or tasks in an accessible and user-friendly format. Many companies have been slow to adapt, struggling to decide between native and mobile apps or develop workflows that allow information to flow through content management systems. Challenges aside, there are many advantages to going mobile and many ways to leverage mobile to improve user access, engagement and ultimately revenue. In fact, the folks at Mobify have come up with 14 Essential Tactics for Mobile: Email, Search and Social Media Marketing.

Occupy Mobile

Mobile isn’t just another platform. For some, it’s the only way to engage. In many parts of the world, mobile is the only way to get online, with 59% of all Indians accessing the Internet exclusively from their phones. In addition, consumer adoption has increased consumers’ expectations for web experiences built for their mobile browsing. According to stats provided by Mobify, 61% of mobile browsers say they are unlikely to return to website if they had trouble viewing it on a phone.

In an e-book published by Mobify and available for free download today, 14 top tactics are outlined in an effort to help businesses take advantage of mobile marketing opportunities. Broken into three categories -- email, search and social media marketing -- the authors strategically summarize tips for building campaign that work.

Prioritize Your Mobile Marketing Strategy


Straightforward and easy to read, the authors highlight common examples, stats and case studies, making it easy to understand their implications in the marketplace. Taken separately, the tips provided are not revolutionary, but put together, they can provide a valuable road map.

Most of us understand the elements of marketing campaigns but we don’t often recognize the simple things we can do to tweak performance. From email subject headings to optimizing for mobile searches and misspellings to understanding key mobile user demographics, there is a lot of good, tangible information from which marketing departments can benefit.

At the very least it’s a great refresher for those of us who like to think we know it all, and a great introduction for those who may be new to the mobile marketing landscape.